The CLICK N ROLL experience


One way daily cruises

One way CLICK N ROLL cruises are win-win daily cruises for both the boat owner and the passengers. Boat owners use CLICK N ROLL cruises to relocate their boats between destinations once they have completed, or are about to start. For the traveller CLICK N ROLL provides an opportunity to experience a luxury cruise at a heavily discounted rate.

Safety on board

The safety of all passengers and crew members has always been top priority aboard our cruises. All staff members on-board and ashore are genuinely committed to this safety philosophy. Every boat collaborating with CLICK N ROLL carries the necessary certificates of insurance and the documentation to assure compliance with safety regulations. The supervision of any children on board is the responsibility of the accompanying adult passengers.

Cruising Experience

The majesty of the sea, the incomparable landscape and world famous destinations, all combine to provide a fabulous experience and unforgettable memories. Cruising the Greek islands offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in clear, blue waters, then admire the sunset while arriving in a picturesque port, redolent with 3000 years of recorded history.


From childhood to the present, Christos Kritsikis, CLICK N ROLL founder, has always been closely connected to the water whether recreationally or professionally, following a long family tradition.

One of his objectives is to make sure that economic development and environmental protection are given equal consideration. Combining tradition and the knowledge and leadership skills acquired from his experience as a boat owner, Christos came up with the idea of bringing new energy and vision in the maritime industry, introducing the CLICK N ROLL cruises to the world market..

CLICK N ROLL cruises is an innovative way to live the travel experience differently. It brings together features of booking companies, travel agencies and luxurious yacht rental offices.

CLICK N ROLL designs and sources travel products at competitive prices making unique travel experiences accessible to all. CLICK N ROLL maximizes the efficient use of time and is both creative and flexible in its mission to provide customers with an affordable luxury vacation


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